Phela is back and, as always, keeps her promise to touch deeply. Our favorite curly haired man comes up with a song that is a bit like the continuation of her single mummy sounds. But this time it is not the mother's heart that speaks from her, but rather her own empowerment.


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It's a hymn for all working moms who are probably losing their heads right now, between the children's room, Lego bricks and the home office. Phela sings openly about missing, missing one's own things, which as a mother sometimes come up short. It is the answer to everyone who asks slightly reproachfully “Are you still making music?” - an answer that immediately proves how good that sounds!

With the chorus it becomes clear to the last doubter that the songwriting pulsates through her blood and that she can shake a perfect cocktail of dancing melody, emotionality and harmony for us. Reduced as we know it, she sings very gently and only lets a heartbeat-like beat into the gentle mixture. In the chorus, however, she finally comes up with a delicate polyphony that underlines her message:

“I would like to be 100 meters tall
I would like to be strong and carefree
I would like 100 more arms
But at the end of the day 
I know my heart is beating 
I am on the way
I need two more steps 
But I never stop "

Phela - 100 meters tall

Phela has the women of German pop at her side

How strong the message is and this plea for yourself becomes particularly clear when you watch the video. Because next to Phela many, many friends, mothers and children dance to her words. Of course there are also many faces from the songwriting cosmos, such as LEA, Antje Schomaker, Charley-Ann Schmutzler or fairy. “100 meters tall” is a wonderful picture for inspiring, strong, creative women and mothers.

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