With the debut album "Why, Why" is currently the talk of the young talent Catt. The singer's album comes out of nowhere and circles around in no time - no wonder, because Catt puts down a little miracle of calm here. Even their EP "Moon" showed that one can expect a lot more from this soulful writer. Now Catt keeps exactly this promise. With links, the musician shows her colleagues that it doesn't always take a big production to create big hooks, goose bumps or important moments, but sometimes just calm. “Why, Why” was created in the new talent factory of the Roger Willemsen Foundation. On the outskirts of Hamburg, Catt has retired to the foundation's garden house. Surrounded by forest, wind and silence, the singer found the sound of her debut step by step. The surroundings of the place can be felt and preserved in the songs. Just as if she had walked through the forest with a large jam jar and canned him with all his quiet life. 


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Catt takes us into deep forests

Catt is only 25 years old and, in addition to a whole family of instruments, also took a whole bunch of questions into the garden shed. With calm she begins to face the big coming of age problems. In doing so, she keeps a cool head, although life as a budding artist is bound to be somewhat more uncertain. Although the texts were written well before Corona, a visualization of one's own privileges and youthful lightheartedness seems to be drawn through “Why, Why”. So it could hardly be more appropriate and also hardly more prudent. 

“Why, Why” not only invites you to take a walk in the undergrowth, but also dances gracefully through the seasons. There is no clear highlight, but rather constant change and the hope for everything that the new phase will bring. There is the image of rain that not only runs down like tears, but also frees and washes clean. Or the single “Willow Tree”, which prances through the green trees with summery ease. “Why, Why” is a scion of hope and joy, an oasis of calm of friendliness and prudence.

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