With "No roots”Alice Merton had her big international breakthrough 4 years ago and to this day it is enough to only read this title casually to get a stubborn catchy tune straight away. But such a great success is followed by a lot of pressure to reconnect with it.

Now their new single “Vertigo” was released, which sounds much rougher than you might have expected after their debut album “Mint”. Yet their sound is unmistakable. The video takes place in a seemingly post-apocalyptic world, Merton is driven by fears and insecurity. The song was produced by the Canadian hit producer Kos, known among other things for his work with Dua Lipa. As a result, he and Alice Merton are once again creating a modern sound that will find its place on numerous international stages and dance floors.


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“Vertigo” was the first piece that Alice Merton deliberately wrote for her new album. The trigger for the rather dark piece was an evening with friends before going to a club. A normal occurrence, but something happened in Merton. Anxiety, panic, dizziness and finally flight. A state that is worked through in “Vertigo” in order to be able to take flight again.

With “Vertigo” the tension on Alice Merton's second studio album and the longing for her energetic live shows grows.

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