After his debut album “Das Paradies”, Tristan Brusch reveals to the world with “Die Moritat vom Schweighöfer” not only the first single, of what may come, and a new hairstyle. In addition, the title of the song makes it clear that his work falls into the course for “advanced listening to German-language music”. His songs only gradually develop their accessibility. The musician's child seems to be aiming for nothing less. Be it the content in which the musician not only relentlessly deals with current issues, but also with the reflection of his own “fish face” (sic!). The not always so smooth transitions between clear formulations with painterly images, between provocative social criticism and pointed ballads. Or the instrumental substructure that oscillates like a wreckingball from flawless 80s pop to sometimes fragile piano melodies. The greatest emotions develop in the moments when hard words meet the fragility of being.

"You awaken the saddest thing in me,
I yelp and you applaud.
I don't want to entertain
I want to touch you. "

Tristan Brusch - animal

In “Die Moritat vom Schweighöfer”, piano sounds pave the way for dealing with self-perception and the values conveyed in contrast to this. Self-love as a sales point for self-optimization. The top 10 products to find yourself in the Brigitte and the healing world lie of the Schweighöferesquen film worlds - and somewhere in between: the perfection of crooked teeth, rolls of fat, high hairlines and wrinkles.

"Take me like I am,
and take me to the psychiatrist.
Take me like I am,
and take me to the facial surgeon. "

Tristan Brusch - The Moritat vom Schweighöfer

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"Schweighöfer stop pretending to me,
there is no such thing as a perfect life.
I have given my trust to so many
and they swear they would have given it back to me long ago. "

Tristan Brusch - The Moritat vom Schweighöfer

Tristan Brusch on tour with Die Höchst Eisenbahn

This skilful and offensive inconvenience in Tristan Brusch's music apparently also seems to have mine, Fatoni and Maeckes recognized, they know them well enough themselves. Same goes for The highest railwaywho take him on tour for four dates. Tickets for the dates are available here.

October 18, 2019 Magdeburg, Moritzhof
October 19, 2019 Leipzig, Täubchenthal
October 20, 2019 Rostock, Helga's City Palace
October 21, 2019 Cologne, Gloria