In October 2018 Thom Yorke made his film music debut when he created the soundtrack for Luca Guadagnino's “Suspiria” reinterpretation. You have to give the Radiohead singer a confident start, as “Suspirium” was nominated for an Oscar directly.

“Suspiria Unreleased Material” can still be seen as a kind of correction. The record contains titles that appeared in a different version with the film, as well as other titles that are intended to supplement the score. Earlier, Dario Argento, the director of the original 1971 version of Suspiria, stated that the music did not excite him and that it betrayed the spirit of the original. “There was no fear, there was no music. The film didn't satisfy me that much. "

Limited record from Thom Yorke

The production of the vinyl was limited to 1,500 copies, so you should hold on to get an affordable copy somewhere. This fits in with that Blacksmith pulseCover of “I Will” by Radiohead:


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