Sophie Hunger describes in her latest, more electronic single "Security check“An inner fragility and excessive insecurity. Absurdly in a completely structured place that actually seems safe and controlled: at an airport. Farewells and arrivals take place there every day, almost as a matter of routine. Travelers come and go, today they are usually no longer afraid of flying. In this protected automatism - toothpaste in one box, shoes in the other - your own "monkeys in my head" are loud. Suddenly you notice that they are not so easy to organize. Salvation only comes in the air, far from regulatory safety measures: “Cried in the plane, fastened to my seat. Falling as we rise 37,000 feet. "

Sophie Hunger sings about a similarly grotesque controlledness and suppressed agitation on the second, this time German-language single "Arsenic beetroot". The title alone gives a gruesomely beautiful mixture: arsenic, fatal to humans above certain quantities, combined with beetroot, the burgundy-colored natural wonder. “The soup you're making. Arsenic beetroot. Evil is banal. Never a mistake, ”Sophie Hunger sings in the song, as if it were a recipe for a modern hemlock.

The two singles announce the arrival of Hunger's seventh studio album this summer. The singer, multi-instrumentalist and soundtrack composer worked with the renowned “Producer of the Year” Dan Carey in the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. Already in 2018, on her previous album "Molecules“Carey was a producer. Now the two felt their way more in an electronic direction, certainly also due to Hunger's move to Berlin.

In her two new singles, Sophie Hunger contrasts the sadness of order and structure with an extraordinary aesthetic. She calls it herself in a press release: "An almost silent triumph of the beautiful over the thoroughly rational."

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