On 08/28 released Jonas David with “Goliath” a new album. The current single from it is called “All in All in All” and comes up with two very special videos.

Perhaps you still remember that we met you a while ago TV Noir version of "All In All In All" that Jonas shot especially for TV Noir, inspired by our “From my living room” series, and in which Jonas was - visually - unrecognizable?

The solution to the riddle brings you and us the official video for the single - or does it? Jonas David himself says about this video: “I made the video for 'All In All In All' within 2 days with a handful of good friends. The idea of the video was originally a completely different one and has changed a lot during the process. Ideas for videos are always relatively silly in my head because I hide the music for them. This makes the mix quite interesting for this video too. I'm very curious to see how the story will be interpreted. "

How do you interpret the story? See for yourself:


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