With their debut “Leoniden” 4 years ago the band hit like a comet and since then it has been hard to imagine the big festival stages without them. Hardly any other German band manages to deliver such convincing English-language indie hymns and create such an unmistakable sound. With “Complex Happenings Reduced To A Simple Design” the third album from the Kiel-based company is now on the shelves.

The record is 21 songs strong, but by no means lengthy. While the band stays true to their unique sound, on CHRTASD you can find numerous excursions into other musical realms with neat corners and edges, far away from the comfort zone.

With “LOVE” and “New 68” there are two pre-singles right at the beginning, with which the band was able to prove their suitability for live at one or the other appearance - because if the band can do one, then deliver a good live show.

There was also the melancholy “Blue Hour” beforehand, in which singer Jakob Amr's depression was openly discussed. An important step that should have met with open ears, especially among the young audience.


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The pieces on CHRTASD are interrupted by 4 instrumental fillers “Complex Happennings 1, 2, 3 & 4” - you could think of a musical pallet cleaner. You need that too. While “Funeral”, “LOVE” or “Dice” are not far from the classic Leonid sound, “Boring Ideas”, for example, is much rougher - early 200s indie meets grunge. There is support from Drangsal. There is also room for a few other Berliners on the album. Pabst join in on “Freaks”, while Ilgen-Nur “Deny” lends her deep voice.

In principle there are no let-downs on CHRTASD, but there are a few very clear highlights. “Blue Hour” and “New 68” are just two of them. And we can be sure: Live it will be a stunner!

Leonids on trip:

12/10/21, Kiel, pump
12.12.21, Jena, Kassablanca
December 13, 21, Augsburg, canteen
December 16, 21, Münster, Sputnikhalle
March 5th, 22, Stuttgart, Wagenhalle
March 6, 22, Salzburg, Rockhouse
07.03.22, Munich, Muffathalle
09.03.22, Wiesbaden, slaughterhouse
March 10, 22, Leipzig, Felsenkeller
03/11/22, Cologne, Palladium
March 12, 22, Berlin, Columbiahalle
March 17th, 22, Hamburg, Edel Optics Arena
03/18/22, Bremen, Pier2
March 19, 22, Osnabrück; Hyde Park
April 15, 22, Bern, Dachstock
04/16/22, Winterthur, Salzhaus
April 19, 22, Vienna, Arena