In the middle of the 20th century, two men lived in New York, one of whom today would probably be, to put it politely, considered economically liberal and the other a left-wing do-gooder. The last was Woodrow Wilson Guthrie, a left-wing, union-oriented poet and musician who had a lasting impact on folk music. The other was Fred C. Trump - yeah, father of Donald Trump. He worked his way up the American dream from simple craftsman to real estate mogul and thus laid the foundation for the career of today's US president.

The lives of the two could easily have passed each other if Woody Guthrie, as his stage name was, hadn't happened to live in one of Trump's houses. So the path of two men crossed who could not have been more different. Trump, who amassed more and more money through real estate deals, among other things, and Woody, community member and author for a publication by the Communist Party. So what did they do? One of them did what he did best and wrote six pages about how little, say, he liked the other. Now and since Trump Junior brings even more horror to the country than Trump Senior, here is a line of this text that Glen Hansard inspired the song in our new video:

"What I wouldn't do to him if I thought I could get away with it?"

- Woody Guthrie

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