Three years after “Mission Bell”, William gets in touch Fitzsimmons back with his tenth full-length player “Ready The Astronaut”, giving fans and those who want to become one a record that radiates one thing above all: calm. On this album, the trained psychotherapist from Nashville once again unites folk sounds with electronic elements, which fit into the sound of the eleven songs in a supportive but restrained manner. A prime example of this is the title track “Ready The Astronaut”, which takes time in the last minute for a sprawling instrumental part, which finally underlines the recurring line “I am never coming home”.


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The writing process for the album began two years ago during an unusually dark period, according to Fitzsimmons. Then, over the course of his divorce from his second wife, Simmons did what he does best to deal with pain: write music. The first notes of “Ready The Astronaut” were born out of the idea of leaving Earth in a spacesuit. Since this is harder, all thought, William Fitzsimmons went on as best he could and processed the experience into this record. Despite all the difficult issues, this seems pleasantly light.  

Fitzsimmons uses the mythological saga of Icarus to paint vivid pictures of the loss of another love. Both in “Daedalus, My Father” and “Icarus”, which span an arc from the middle to almost the end of the album, before “To Love Forever” concludes with the topic.

William Fitzsimmons up trip:

09/26/2021 Dortmund, Konzerthaus
April 22nd, 2022 Darmstadt, Centralstation       
May 2nd, 2022 Munich, Freiheitshalle
May 13th, 2022 Berlin, home port Neukölln

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