Back in October last year, BOY announced on their Facebook channel “We are in-between albums” and now it seems like the long wait is finally over. Six years after their second album “We Were Here”, the duo around Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass released their new single “Fit Back In”. Does this mean that we can still enjoy a new album this year?

The new material was first teased with a cover by “Bette Davis Eyes”, which made the listeners' hearts beat faster with its 80s charm and the typical BOY sound.


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"Time doesn't heal,
It just goes by "

BOY - Fit Back In

The melancholy “Fit Back In”, on the other hand, is very peculiar and modern - a song that deals with this uncertain time after the death of a loved one and the time afterwards. The big question is whether time actually heals all wounds, or just makes them fade slightly. Despite the difficult subject matter, the piece doesn't feel too heavy due to the restrained instrumentation, which makes the song suitable for continuous rotation.

When is there more? So far only BOY know that. However, we hope the wait will soon be over! Until then, how about some wonderful ones Recordings from the TV Noir archive?

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