The delivered right on time for May 1st Dream duo Oehl the song “Arbeit”. The Viennese Ari Oehl and the Icelandic multi-instrumentalist Hjörtur Hjörleifsson tie in with their celebrated debut "Over night" at. Both lyrically and in the unmistakable sound network, they continue their work with this title. Knot by knot, they condense their sound tissue and spin it into the finest silk. That this is a real addictive factor should no longer surprise anyone - the duo's songs are so peculiar. Just to put the mood of the new single in words requires peculiar descriptions, how else do associations of tears, concrete, plastic palms and velvety beach sand go together. 

But if you listen carefully, you can see exactly these elements in the music in “Work”. There are rhythms that flirt with reggaeton and washed-out autotune echoes that could come from the roughest industrial rap. But the pace is slower, slower and somehow also melancholy. However, this recipe is broken with innumerable levels that mix in between and chase away the plastic factor with a large helping of feeling. With the beat, the ball is thrown back and forth between dance vibe and inner conflict. Oehl does something with you and you can't escape the game of contrasts. “Work” is a prime example of her tightrope walk of styles. Every effect is deliberately rehearsed, nothing is left to chance and yet every sound is bursting with emotion and impulsiveness.

The new single from Oehl: “Arbeit”


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Textually, they deal with the addiction to work, which one can hardly avoid in this performance society. Between the romanticized idea of working on texts or music until late at night, wallowing in productivity and the relaxation that is often so far removed as a workaholic. At the same time, dependency, freedom, and yet everyone's to-do lists seem to be growing over their heads. The video, on the other hand, shows deceleration and solidarity. Because from the open-plan office, the protagonist watches the death of a duck, which falls from the classic V-formation from heaven to earth. A metaphorical picture of the dropout dream. In their mourning for the dead animal, more and more people come to the duck's side until a large cuddly ball stands in front of the bird.

“Work” is just another prank by the duo and you can get a mischievous shake of your head Oehl hardly resist.

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