Our 90,000,000th clip was recently viewed on YouTube. We are taking this as an opportunity to start a countdown (-up?) And introduce the ten most-watched artists on TV Noir by the one hundred millionth view. Ladies and Gentlemen, Number 10 is… Kat Frankie!

The word exceptional artist ranks in the top 3 empty empty words between varied and exciting. But anyone who deals with Kat Frankie will hardly be able to avoid having the attribute of the exceptional artist like a lightning bolt in their head. The Berliner by choice shows herself to be too varied - be it in various collaborations with artists such as Olli Schulz, in whose band she played, Get Well Soon for the grandiose title song by “Schulz und Böhmermann”, her band project KEØMA and Clueso or with her four albums.

With each of them, the Australian opens up a new reality that is reminiscent of the old one, but is completely different. Sometimes dark and soulful like on their second album “The Dance of a Stranger Heart”, sometimes tender and vulnerable like on “Please Don't Give Me What I Want”. The latest LP “Bad Behavior” is already one of the most exciting albums of 2018 and once again opens the interdimensional door to another world. Playful, self-confident and although very loud, but very personal.

Where others lose themselves between synths and keyboard in the 80s retro image, Kat Frankie understands how to play it as discreetly as an instrument in order to ultimately give it its own color. At the end there is a tracklist that lights up all facets. Danceable songs like “Headed for the Reaper” and “Back to Life”, in which the voice is so distorted that it almost sounds male, and the beat-heavy melody imitates the wistful heartbeat, line up with the spherical sounds of “Versailles”. Ballads like “Finite” are also reminiscent of the old reality. The constant companion through the different universes is always the unmistakable voice of Kat Frankie, which guides you through the darkness like a little light. The listener likes to cling to it and can therefore fully engage with the music.


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