In honor of Berta Cáceres' 50th birthday, Jófríður Ákadóttir (JFDR), Sandrayati Fay and Damien Rice wrote a song that is inspired by Berta's life and work. How - you don't know who Berta Cáceres is? Unfortunately, this is not so unusual, because when it comes to rebels, schooling is not that far behind. But this is exactly what this wonderful combination of musicians is making up for with this sensitive song:

Berta was an indigenous environmental activist from Honduras who was murdered 5 years ago. The injustice of her death feels like a symbol of strength for the community. It's about gathering with unwavering defenses. It is about supporting what she believed in with a call to humanity to wake up and recognize the importance of protecting the environment.


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Damien Rice brings a topic to the table that quickly goes down. The video also tries to carry Berta's strong message into the world. Her story can be seen in cartoons, while the music quietly and gently expresses her respect for Berta, almost like a love song. With a choir, an aria-like pop song was created here, which continues to wind up. The duet is in perfect harmony and in just three minutes a piece of history seems to come together between the performers.

The message is clearly above everything, and you can see that in the release of the song. Because not only did the indie stars get together for this. You wrote the song in one day, recorded it the next, and released it the next. The choir also met through an appeal on social media. This spontaneous recording took place in the studios of Ólafur Arnalds.

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