Lina Maly and Slime on a joint release, that may seem a bit absurd at first, but if you listen carefully, it all makes sense. As colorful as the mix of artists on “We have to get out of here” may seem at first glance, the work of Rio Reiser and the clay stones shards were just as varied. To mark its 50th anniversary, the German music scene is taking off its hat once again for the Ton Steine Scherben with a tribute album. On this there are 19 cover versions between two original pieces.

Immediately after the TSS original “We have to get out of here”, Die Sterne try their hand at “When the night is deepest”, whose auto-tune chorus makes the hair on the back of the neck stand on end for a moment, but at least they try something new. Many of the recordings, some of which are a bit older, show the awe with which the musicians dared to approach Reiser's material, because nobody is really keen to experiment. For example, we remember the 2006 version “Für Immer und Dich” by Jan Delay.


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“We have to get out of here” - who is actually not there?

Strong and incredibly important, of course, “ogre *” interpreted by junk border. Highly emotional We are Helden's live version of “Hold on to your love”, which was recorded no less than 17 years ago. Rebellious as expected, “I don't want to be” interpreted by Slime who dare to make the song their own. Also there is Rocko Schamoni, the Beatsteaks, Gisbert zu Knyphausen, Bosses, Das Bierben, Die Höchste Eisenbahn and also Lina Maly, who ends the sampler with a wonderful version of “Zauberland” before Rio can speak again personally.

“We have to get out of here” is a compilation that brings back memories, makes you smile and may surprise you with one or the other new discovery, but primarily does only one thing: Pay tribute to the legacy of Ton Steine Die and the wonderful Rio Reiser.

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