“Fever Dreams” - that is the title of Villagers' new album and it couldn't have been more aptly chosen. A hodgepodge of 10 songs between folk, jazz and a lot of fantasy. Even the droning opener “Something Bigger” seems like a dream sequence playing in a supernatural ring. The album cover was chosen accordingly. It shows a person in a pool, behind a larger-than-life, sleeping grizzly bear, which blends into the landscape like a mountain range. This artwork also runs through the singles released so far as well as the Website the band.

Not a single one of the pieces deviates from the concept of feverish dreams. They all sound spherical and magical, but none of them seems forced just to fulfill a concept. Connor O'Brien delivers with “Fever Dreams” an album without ups and downs, on which the songs merge with each other. It feels like one long and exciting journey through the imagination of a Connor O'Brien.


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In the last few months, “The First Day” and “So Simpatico” gave a first foretaste of the new sound of the Villagers. “So Simpatico” - a piece stretched over 7 minutes - an unusual decision. The video shows the journey of a sad clown accompanied by O'Brien's catchy singing, echoing echoes and a concise jazz saxophone. This single already sums up perfectly what to expect on “Fever Dreams”.

Lyres, crackles, instrumental bombast or modest reluctance. “Fever Dreams” does not stop at any stylistic means to make the record as fantastic and eccentric as possible - but without making the album seem overloaded. So if you want to let yourself be carried away into a fantastic world, “Fever Dreams” is the right record for you - and also for everyone else! Curious?

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