“Dorngrund”, the name of Sebastian Block's new record, does not use any big gestures in order to be noticed in any case, in the sea of new releases, but takes back wonderfully and settles in sound somewhere between Blumfeld and Erdmöbel. And that's no wonder, as Block gathered a couple of great addresses from the Hamburg School for the recordings of “Dorngrund”, be it Max Schröder from Die Höchst Eisenbahn / Tomte on drums or Jörg Holdinghausen from Tele on bass. A recipe that works. The album was recorded in just 5 days.


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There was also some support vocally. Namely by none other than Francesco Wilking on “Half perfect”, as almost twice as good. While the eleven pieces seem like a harmonious unit, there is one or the other outbreak. “Böser Traum” makes use of superficial synths and reggae rhythms, while the penultimate and title-giving piece is performed purely instrumentally and rounds off what has been heard before the melancholy “Ufer” closes the album. But there is also much else to discover on “Dorngrund”. Be it the risk to revise Tocotronics' steep thesis of having to be part of a youth movement to “no movement” or “have been”, a modern lullaby in the best sense of the word.

Physically there is “Dorngrund” by Sebastian Block on CD. This can here be ordered. And a tour? Well, we have to wait and see. Until then, how about some wonderful memories of Sebastian Block's appearance in the TV Noir living room? Right this way!

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