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Pete Yorn releases the second album “Apart” with Scarlett Johansson. In five songs, the musician and the actress sing about love in a sometimes too gentle indie-pop-rock manner.

“Apart” from loving and falling asleep

At least since the film “Her” with Joaquin Phoenix, in which Scarlett Johansson lent the artificial intelligence Samantha her voice, we have known about the warm, grating voice of the actress. Other than that, the film is incredibly good and should be seen if you haven't already. Now Scarlett has recorded an EP together with Pete Yorn. The singer and songwriter has made a name for himself just like his duet partner and has played for REM, David Bowie and the Foo Fighters, among others. On his own records he also keeps gathering friends like Dave Grohl around him. So actually a wonderful mixture of two artists, which, however, as on their debut “Break Up” turns out to be a bit too cozy. Back then, the single "Relator" promised a varied album, on which Scarlett Johansson's voice soaked in whiskey and smoke in conjunction with the bright voice of Pete Yorn brings a casual calm to the driving songs. But unfortunately the promise remained. The situation is similar with “Bad Dreams”, the extraction of “Apart”. Scarlett and Pete sing about the bad dreams together in the classic car: green sequin dress, black suit and electric guitars. The result is the intimacy of a couple who live at night and play music over countless cigarettes. But after love rears up once, it whispers the remaining four songs to itself. Less passionate eroticism than everyone has their own side in bed.