A new album every year - no problem for Novaa. It wasn't until 2019 that she released her debut “Novaa” before “The Futurist” followed in 2020. Now her third major work is on the shelves. "Like A rose". On it she presents 12 fragile and beautiful electro-pop songs, which despite their feather-light sound contain heavy themes.


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The opener “This Ain't Your Home” already deals with abuse and creates a thematically difficult introduction to the record. Instead of a dark song, however, the piece is empowering and deals with reclaiming your own body and thoughts. The following “She's A Rose” deals with being a woman and the meaning that goes with it. Musically, the piece with the restrained electronica climbs into a polyphonic, exhilarating finale.

On the album, Novaa succeeds in addressing taboo topics with an almost naive directness that should no longer be taboo in an enlightened society like ours. For example, “I'm Hungry” is about the process of overcoming an eating disorder while “Don't Tell Her What To Do” tells the story behind an abortion. Instead of working with exuberant hymns and slogans, as is customary in art and culture, Novaa tells sad and beautiful stories of life, of problems and of overcoming.

Musically, the album was completely self-directed and looks very tidy and clear, but at the same time also playful. In addition to various electronic beats and effects, shy piano and guitar sounds also find a place on “Like A Rose” and combine the songs into a homogeneous unit that makes the time fly by while listening to the record.

Novaa has created a real album at the right time and with “She's A Rose” will hopefully be able to help many young people on their way to finding, understanding their own bodies and helping them to determine themselves.

Novaa recently visited the TV Noir headquarters. More about it here.

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