An American, an Italian and a British meet at a tiny acoustic festival, successfully found a band, call themselves Mighty Oaks and are now releasing their third studio album “All Things Go”. They stick to their recipe for success: catchy, polyphonic indie folk songs that sound more like the forests of Canada than the crowded streets of Berlin.

The restrained instrumentation creates an airy, light sound and makes the songs seem hopeful, almost happy, despite their melancholy content. While the themes of the songs are mostly universally applicable to the audience, singer Ian Hooper becomes very personal on “Aileen” and deals with cancer and the death of his mother. In general, it is more about family and interpersonal issues and no longer just about longings and the distance.

Due to this lightness and catchiness, the songs on the new album run the risk of sinking into the noise and the hectic pace of everyday life, because what is missing is a real highlight that shakes the listener between all the melancholy and ensures that not everyone feels Combine songs into a single beautiful mass.


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In addition to the songwriting, the great strength of the three Berliners by choice has always been the live shows, because there it happens that the songs, which may not immediately stand out on the record, are breathed into life. A good example of this are the appearances at TV Noir, where they have now been guests twice.

Mighty Oaks will start their extensive European tour in February. It pays to be quick because the first dates are already sold out. Tickets are available here.

Mighty Oaks live

February 17th, 2020 Munich, Muffathalle
February 18, 2020 Vienna (AT), Arena
February 20, 2020 Stuttgart, LKA Langhorn
02/27/2020 Dortmund, Konzerthaus
02/29/2020 Cologne, Lmh
March 2nd, 2020 Wiesbaden, slaughterhouse
03.03.2020 Hamburg, Great Freedom
March 4th, 2020 Berlin, Huxley's New World

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