It was not even a year ago that Mando Diao wowed and for with their album “Bang” TV Noir stood on the stage. The Swedish LP “I solnommen”, which was released just a month ago, is even closer. Now, quite unexpectedly, they follow up with an EP and combine their previous discography with the five songs. “All the People” is the name of the EP with which the Swedes are upgrading their music this summer. It is a small homage to tour life and to the people who have accompanied Mando Diao up to this point. The pandemic had also led their tour on black ice and so the summer was full of festivals and a European tour for Mando Diao. “All The People” pays a little tribute to their companions and perpetuates their stations in five wonderful songs.


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After they increasingly turned towards the blues on the previous album “Bang” and almost surprised with an American western mentality, the musicians on the EP again take on the well-known folk character with which they started off in the 00s. With no pressure on big choruses and redundant hit elements, “All the People” pours like sugar-sweet, sticky honey over the summer lethargy. Similar dreamy as on “Ochrasy” or "How We Walk" Mando Diao revive the gentle Swedish folk melodies on this EP. With that they should fulfill all unspoken wishes of their fans. Good guitar riffs and some psychedelic effects are of course not missing. Yes, it almost seems as if the band dares to venture a little digression into their past with “All the People” and break away from the newer blues influences.

Mando Diao between declaration of love and obituary

The EP not only features the strong, throaty voice of front man Björn Dixgard! His colleague Jens Siverstedt also takes on the lead vocals for a wonderful, soft moment on the song “Magic Kiss” - a song that Jens dedicates to his fiancée. But Björn is also unusually calm on this EP, occasionally even switching to the head voice, like on “Fly to Me”. The song almost seems like an acoustic version, so muffled are the drums and the little interludes that the bass and guitar keep sprinkling into the ballad. As with the other songs, some people were portrayed here, namely the band's deceased advertising companions. The lovingly sung words that Björn shares with us with unusual tenderness appear all the more emotional.

Each song has its own dramaturgy, which does not always follow the well-known Mando-Diao patterns, but rather lets the songs drift. In some places you can almost see the five musicians jamming together in the scorching heat and surrounded by mosquitos. But if you really want to experience the boys live, you can 'visit' the online concert on July 20th, 2020. here get your tickets for the streaming concert!

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