Kat Frankie travels back in time to the 16th century and becomes a martyr. In a setting à la Maria Stuart, the otherwise minimalist artist presents herself as a juggler who competes to overthrow her queen. “Shiny Things” sounds similarly gloomy and continues the Australian's opulent indie pop.

In doing so, she combines the cool, casual band arrangements that we in "Bad Behavior" everyone celebrated with their soft spot for acapella. It wasn't until 2019 that Kat Frankie released an EP that was made with seven singers. "Bodies" was a dynamic concept that combined pop with gospel and physical performances. “Shiny Things” also contains choral elements that give the song a certain emphasis. Kat Frankie uses pauses, silence and polyphony over and over again. The result is a dark and dramatic mood for the new single.


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Kat Frankie is thematically dedicated to lust and gluttony. The scenery of the opulent queen at a long, laid table goes perfectly with this, of course. Wrapped in velvety fabrics, we travel to a time that was ordered more than ever by material values. But “Shiny Things” also takes a look at what happens when the ravages of time gnaw at the things that are dear to us and dear to us. In the end, there is rust and decay, which does not stop at shiny things either. Kat Frankie heralds a new era with the single: musically it is a clear step, a merger of the previous projects. And otherwise it was already indicated that “Shiny Things” should only be the vanguard of a new sound.