When Haller comes across Singer-songwriter heart on pop lovers. With a penchant for grand gestures, he repeatedly mixes up his acoustic melodies with rich beats. With three new songs, Haller faces his emotions once again and fills them with warm tones. Summer hip-hop meets the delicate, melancholy melodies that make up the artist. "When you go" is the heart of the little EP. The world of sound that is opened up here seems distant; like through a filter. Only Haller's voice is completely undistorted and pure, which makes the words all the more radiant.

“But again and again I ask myself how things will go on
No, if you pack your bags, I can somehow understand that
It's okay if you go ”

Haller - if you go

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But the other two titles are in no way inferior to this: “Without you” is a text-intensive song. The lines are quite compact, sometimes difficult to understand, sometimes painful. It's about intense arguments and arguments that tear you apart. For this purpose, Haller has put together a sprawling accompaniment. Individual vowels are distorted and repeated until they merge with the beat in the chorus and become part of the instrumentals. The titles react to each other and also seem to complement each other in terms of content. Just there and already gone, relationships break up in an argument and you are alone again, faced with big questions and decisions.

At the end there is a number that sounds almost acoustic. Haller probably speaks to many from the heart. Because he asks himself the typical life questions between quarter and midlife crises. “How do I find out what I want now? How, how, how, how, how do you do that? ”In view of the fact that the release ends with this very question, the songs sound stylistically absolutely certain. Haller has been around since his debut album "Kiss" Always moved back to hip-hop in 2019 and it suits him not only to tinker with the songs, but also to play with the beats.