Last year also shied away from love Enno Bunger don't shy away from bringing his wonderful live music to the people via the internet. But not all streams are the same. Anyone who has ever watched one or the other streaming concert knows that the quality differences in terms of image, sound and transmission speeds can fluctuate by miles. While there are high quality concerts in brilliant resolution and great sound, you can usually assume that they will be recorded before they are broadcast. If, on the other hand, the concerts are really live, they usually run on Facebook, Instagram, Zoom and Co - and while you are still sending the little heart emoji for your favorite song to the World Wide Web, the next song has already started in front of the camera due to the transmission delay.

Enno Bunger founds micdrops

Enno Bunger's goal over the past few months has been to create really good picture and sound quality despite direct live transmission. While he kept offering small, private concerts for his fans, he worked together with software developer Timo Mämecke to find a solution and now it is (almost) there: micdrops. Enno has already played over 90 concerts via micdrops and reports a satisfied audience. Micdrops is a platform that not only aims to help Enno Bunger, but also artists everywhere to convey their art to people in the best possible way without having to compromise. And let's be honest: we can all really use a really good concert experience.

Of course, micdrops is not only suitable for music, but also for conferences, educational projects or a general, latency-free get-together. Curious? Every Friday, Enno Bunger presents the platform and sends it first via zoom and then via micdrops in order to make the quality differences visible. All further information is available here.