It took three years until the third album by the Berlin band Isolation Berlin. The result? A “secret” - that is the title of the eleven-track album.

And they know how to surprise. Who at the first publication "(I want to be like) Nina Hagen“Thought of a loud, compact record, he was wrong. Nevertheless, the influences of the Godmother of Punk are unmistakable. Isolation Berlin, that is Tobias Bamborschke, Max Bauer, Simeon Cöster and David Specht, go the way of the Neue Deutsche Welle and surprise on “Mystery” with concept and versatility.

Voices in the head

Tobias Bamborschke's tremendous talent for poetry and the German language is accompanied on this record by a vocal variety that surprises. Instrumentally, “Mystery” takes a back seat. Lots of acoustic guitars, now and then a concise bass and only a little bit of noise. “In the end, only you count” is a comfortable introduction. This is followed by “Enfant Terrible”, a piece about the avoidable rock star life. This opens a door to numerous (fictional) personalities who are described so impressively that you can almost see them on a cabaret stage.

“All I want is another beer
Yes, should I dry up here?
"Hello, is there anyone at the bar?"
Yeah, bring it to the stage for me
You can see that I am busy
I still have to finish this song "

Isolation Berlin - Enfant Terrible

It's not just the rock star, it's also the misunderstood boy who tries to deal with the imposed role models of society (I hate football games), that of the confessing woman (complaint of a sinner) or that of the introvert who tries to overcome his anger To reign in the world (I withdraw / voice in my head).


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The latter, falco-esque piece takes the distorted guitar for the first time and goes straight to the legs with its haunting bassline. Next to "Mystery" the rockiest song on the album. Of course, it could have been a little more, especially when you think of the energetic live shows of the Berliners. On the other hand, the material arouses curiosity about the implementation on stage.

Almost at the same time Tobias Bamborschke published his second volume of poetry "Butterfly in Winter" about Kiepenheuer & Witsch.

Isolation Berlin on tour:

March 1st, 22, Augsburg, canteen

02.03.22, Freiburg, Jazzhaus

03.03.22, Vienna (Austria), Flex

04.03.22, Munich, technical center

05.03.22, Zurich (Switzerland), sheet F

March 6, 22, Stuttgart, Im Wizemann

March 8th, 22, Frankfurt am Main, Zoom

March 9th, 22, Düsseldorf, Zakk

March 10, 22, Bochum, Rotunda

March 11, 22, Münster, platform 22

March 12, 22, Cologne, building 9

March 14, 22, Hanover, At Chez Heinz

March 16, 22, Leipzig, Conne Island

17.03.22, Kiel, The Pump

03/18/22, Hamburg, Mojo Club

March 19, 22, Rostock, Peter Weiss Haus

March 24, 22, Dresden, Beatpol

25.03.22, Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg

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