In principle, it doesn't matter what Judith Holofernes does. We always like to listen to her. In her podcast “Salon Holofernes” she always manages to get the listeners to listen when she talks to people of various professionalities, but the music always remains even more captivating. Her new single “I would like to be so good” is definitely doing well after such a long musical abstinence.

I would so much like to be good, I should be so good to do
Employee of the month at the Güte Institute
I would like to be good, well, good enough
I don't have it in my blood

I would so much like to be good - Judith Holofernes

The song is the title track for the current comedy "It's just a phase, rabbit" with Christoph Maria Herbst. The single is not really new, but somehow it is. Because Judith Holofernes has already written the song once, just in English, together with the singer / songwriter Teitur under the title "I want to be kind". The piece appeared on his album of the same name in 2018.

“I would so much like to be good” is a translation of this, but the sound is very different from Teitur's melancholy version. The piece about one's own fallibility is in Judith Holofernes' version a happy, danceable pop song, which is underlined by the almost scratchy voice of the singer, given a pleasantly cheeky character.

At this point in time, it is still uncertain whether there will be more soon. Judith writes on her Facebook page Holofernes: “I am very surprised to suddenly have another song out in the world, piggybacking on this beautiful film! Your great feedback definitely makes me want to do that every now and then, with the music. “We wouldn't mind and are eagerly waiting!