Club100: On paper it looks so simple - in times of crisis, organizers, clubs and politicians in a city get together to develop a concept that will help everyone financially through difficult times as best they can. So why did it take so long for the first projects of this kind to show up?

Who is the Club100?

For the Bremen Club100, the club amplifier Bremen, Hafensänger concerts, the Revue concert agency and Koopmann Concerts joined forces in order to be able to use Pier 2, one of the larger shops in the city, in a corona-compliant manner. But not alone, because in principle anyone interested and the staff can use the hall for concerts, readings or the like. This project is supported by the Hanseatic City of Bremen with 1.2 million euros.

But how can concerts be planned given the current planning uncertainties? It is very easy. They just happen! But whether the audience is allowed to be there is a spontaneous decision. The concerts will definitely be streamed. As it should generally be the case at events, access is available against the purchase of a ticket, which is roughly half the price of a “normal” ticket. If the incidence value falls, the number of visitors increases proportionally.

In addition to the organizers themselves, stage builders, technicians, bar crews, securities and caterers should also have the chance to bring some normality back into their everyday work. In addition, the Club 100 should set an example that culture has value. As beautiful as free streams from the living rooms of our favorite musicians at home are, in the long run they do one thing: sell art for less than its value, especially at a time when every penny is important for many cultural workers.


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Sounds good? Things get even better when you see what local pearls and famous names the Club 100 brings to the Hanseatic city, for example Thees Uhlmann, Blessed or Olli Schulz. Tickets are available here.

The appointments

02/06/2021 Catt
02/12/2021 Pohlmann & Band
02/25/2021 Botticelli Baby
02/26/2021 Sofia Portanet
02/27/2021 Liedfett
05.03.2021 Slammer fillet
March 6th, 2021 Grillmaster Flash
3/8/2021 Dota
March 13th, 2021 Blessed
03/24/2021 Miss Allie
04/09/2021 disturbed but GeiL
04/10/2021 Versengold
April 16, 2021 Ducks on Drugs
04/24/2021 Watch Out Stampede
May 3rd, 2021 Thees Uhlmann
05/06/2021 Ghostkid
May 8th, 2021 Madsen
05/18/2021 Erotic Toy Records
May 25th, 2021 Someday Jakob & Axel Kruse
May 27th, 2021 Olli Schulz
May 28, 2021 Fanny van Dannen
May 31, 2021 Wirtz