For their latest composition, the Brandt Brauer Frick ensemble went to an anti-place, a place that actually doesn't exist. When a nuclear power plant was built near Vienna in the 1970s, many voices spoke out against it. The result of this protest was that the nuclear power plant was built but never put into operation. Since then, this fully functional power plant has stood there as a place that should never have been. If it were to fulfill its function, parts of it could never have been entered by a human. Brandt Brauer Frick have made this place between the worlds their own in order to set their song “Masse” to music.

“The idea for the video is based on a concept for a concert that we would like to perform in the future. 
All ten musicians in our ensemble are distributed in different rooms and as a spectator you can immerse yourself in the different levels of music, but also experience the entire spectrum of all instruments at the same time. "

- Brandt Brauer Frick

But that's not all, the interactive video on the website really special. The different parts of the ensemble were in the Kraftwerk, which the homepage on the PC (I know, it's not easy to understand, but it is simply not possible via the mobile phone) not only visually reveals it. There you can find all the fragments of a whole on different screens, which you can activate yourself with one click to hear all instruments or just a single one. But even as a collected video it is very impressive to see how the musicians play in this hostile place. For example, the drums and drums are placed in the reactor.

You can get the album, which will be released on June 7th here order.


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