There is Enno Bunger again. And there is his fourth album: “What touches, that stays”. What exactly the title is all about is shown very impressively in the first five releases.

Cancer is an asshole. No question. And when someone comes along who sings about it so impressively, so undisguised and yet so beautifully, then the words are almost missing for a moment. Some might call it unsuitable to bring something so private to the outside world, but music has always been there to process what has been experienced. And that's just as well. You are seldom so close to an artist's life phase and, above all, to the person behind them.

There is the terrible, incomprehensible news of one's partner's illness (“being strong”): “And every poke in your arm is a poke in my heart"

There is the loss of a loved one (“confetti”): “And if this is my song, then I want you to dance."

There is the groomsmen speech to the best friend (“Ponyhof”) now set to music: “You are there when nothing in life seems certain. When I talked about friendship, I always meant you."


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And there is the departure after these dark times: "We make the world our home. Oh, we're spilling gasoline on our résumé. We just run away - but never again.“Enno Bunger wrote ten of the eleven songs on the album together with his girlfriend, who has now recovered. Life goes on.

This album is sad, but above all it is encouraging. And it has become a very big one. One with another wonderful language, in which you discover more text pearls every time you listen to it. A musically calm and at the same time deeply moving with no content. One that stays in your head. Nice to have you back, Enno!

We'll be on tour in autumn. The dates are there here.

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