Danger Dan invited Max Herre to the studio for a single single. The whole thing happens in the context of the “Antilopen Geldwunder I” sampler, which will be released on Christmas Eve, on which Danger Dan, Koljah and Panik Panzer embark on solo paths or seek musical support from the German music scene. Shortly before that, Panik Panzer's “DIY CEO / Si Claro” appeared together with Fatoni.

Instead of rap, Danger Dan follows his solo pieces on his single and sits down at the piano with Max Herre. The result is “Nothing can happen to me”, a wonderful song about friendships that transcend borders. The kind of friendships that last through the years. While Danger Dan apologizes for not always reporting to his friends, but always being there for them, Max Herre's lines become more political.

"That 'for my homie Serkan, you can still hear him on the phone
The one call for him, Lesbos on the cell floor
He was in the tent with Masomen to give me something
The Butts, they hate volunteers and they arrested him
That 'for my people Tel Aviv be sure avat
Who stand for the dream that everyone has a future there
Maybe it sounds naive, I know it's complex
And this text did not give a 'recipe, I hope' only encouragement
And that's for my brother Sugar
His newborn son, that's for the young mother
He was supposed to go to Angola, a Bonn native who never lived there
And I can't even guess how much they were under pressure "

“Nothing can happen to me” Danger Dan & Max Herre

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The accompanying video, recorded in the Berlin Brewery Studios, also surprises with familiar faces. Max Gruber (Drangsal) on guitar, Jan Müller (Tocotronic) on bass and Philo Tsoungui (Fatoni) on drums. On the "Antelope money laundering I“Samplers will also find guest contributions by Zugezogen Masculin, Die Toten Hosen, Maeckes and others.