Oehl grow beyond themselves on “work”

Oehl take up the "work" again and enchant with a gorgeous tightrope walk between the open-plan office and endless expanses. Once again, you can hardly resist shaking your head mischievously at Oehl.

girl in red - pain has never been so catchy

girl in red is loud, casual, vulnerable, queer, talented and on everyone's lips: on her debut album, the Norwegian now delivers album-length depression paired with weightless hymns and sunset mood.

Julien Baker delivers a new emotional album

Julien Baker has been one of the heroines of the American indie scene at least since her work in the supergroup boygenius. Whether alone or together with Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus - the songwriter convinces with her soulful voice and her unique guitar riffs. With her new album “Little Oblivions” she is now heralding a new phase.

Steiner & Madlaina add a new album

On eleven titles, Steiner & Madlaina very quickly make it clear that standing still is not their thing. Although their distinctive style permeates every syllable, every measure this time too, they have evolved clearly. Their arrangements became bigger and more opulent. By the way, they also prove a sharp tongue again.